Four Reasons to use Pre-Approval Plus

There are four very important reasons for you to seriously consider Pre-Approval Plus:

 1.  Because you're pre-approved, you'll be in a much stronger position in negotiating and presenting your offer to the seller.  Sellers are much more likely to consider your offer first...because your loan is already approved.  They know you're ready to buy.

 2.  Your Realtor will be motivated to work harder for you.  Again, because your loan has already been approved, your Realtor will know exactly how much you can afford to spend.  So they can search far more effectively for just the right home.
3.  A Capital Trust Mortgage Corp. Pre-Approval Plus will help you be more efficient in your personal search for a new home, too.  When your loan is approved, you'll get a certificate and written loan commitment from us.  This tells you the maximum amount you can borrow. Finding your new home will be much easier when you know the price range of home that fits within your budget.

4.  A Pre-Approval Plus also saves you time.  Once you've found a new home and your offer has been accepted by the seller, you'll be able to close the sale within few weeks.


Until now, when you wanted to buy a home, you first found a house you liked.  Next, you made the seller an offer.  Only then did you apply for financing at a mortgage company or bank.  After that, of course, you had to wait and wait for your loan approval. 

Now, with Capital Trust Mortgage Pre-Approval Plus, you can apply for the loan first!  While your loan is being approved, you can be looking for the house of your dreams.

How Pre-Approval Plus Works

 Pre-Approval Plus is available on any of our regular mortgage programs including fixed and adjustable rate loans.
All you have to do is select the house you want and enter into a valid purchase agreement within 90 days from the date of your loan application or you maybe required to bring in documents to update your pre-approval for another 90 days.
When your offer is accepted by the seller, all that is required is an acceptable appraisal, a title report and satisfaction of any conditions for approval. 
 Your Pre-Approval Plus application will be processed like any ordinary loan application.

Always ready to help

Our experienced mortgage professionals are always ready to help make your home buying process easier, faster and more convenient.  Our goal is to help make this exciting purchase a pleasant experience. You will appreciate Pre-Approval Plus because it will help you get ready to buy.  Let us prepare a Pre-Approval Plus program that's just right for you.

Pre Approval Loan Program